“Born in America, and raised in Okinawa”, Formost BLUE SEAL has been working hard to deliver “deliciousness and smiles” with the warm support of local Okinawans since establishment in 1948, and has developed our business.

Our ice cream has a refreshing taste that fits the hot and humid climate of Okinawa, and is packed with Blue Seal’s unique commitment to quality and love for local Okinawa so that you can bring out the flavor of the ingredients. And also, we hope to become an ice cream maker that everyone say “Okinawa’s ice cream is” Blue Seal “”, as a local company, we value the bonds with the Okinawan people. We use materials produced in Okinawa, such as “Red sweet potatoes” and “Shiiquasa” and work with local people, producers, and processors to maximize the good points of the materials.

We will continue to aim for challenges and evolution in order to realize the corporate philosophy of “For the Smile that Ice Cream Brings” so that everyone in Okinawa will be satisfied, “delicious”, “awesome” and “happy”. We promise to provide “Ice cream” and “Service” that will bring a smile to your face.

Representative Director. Ryuji Yamamoto