Foremost Blue Seal established 70 years ago, has strong roots in Okinawa. We have developed this business for the locals and those from mainland Japan.

Born in America and raised in Okinawa, the techniques we use to produce Blue Seal ice cream are grounded in the way ice cream is made in American. We stay loyal to maintaining this practice while finding the best, most unique matching flavors in the climate of Japan’s paradise, Okinawa.The characteristic flavors and quality management we thoroughly pursue in our production line makes our ice cream refreshing and light.Add that to the overflowing taste of America, and you get what Blue Seal is all about. 

We have produced flavors that are both nostalgic to the elderly and trendy for the youth. We endeavor everyday to discover and master flavors to develop delicious ice creams so each individual can have something they love.Also, since our ice cream is popularly used in gift-giving and souvenirs by visitors from mainland Japan,Blue Seal has become synonymous with the ice cream of Okinawa.In addition, we produce many varieties of ice cream using purple sweet potatoes, sugar cane, and other special prefectural goods as flavor.We have blended high grade American tastes with deliciousness found only in Okinawa to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

We promise to continue even now and in the future to produce ice cream for children, women, men—everyone.

We are honored to receive your patronage and will do all we can to produce ice cream you have only ever dreamt of.

Representative Director. Masaaki Mizuta.