Blue Seal is a specialty ice cream brand that was born in America and raised in Okinawa. We’re honored to present the history of our brand, which continues its journey with the smiling faces of everyone in Okinawa.

Born in Okinawa in 1948

Uruma City, the home of Blue Seal in Okinawa

Blue Seal’s beginnings in a US military facility

In 1948, USA-based Foremost Ltd. established a factory in the Tengan Military Base, Gushikawa City (now Uruma City) to supply dairy products essential for US military personnel stationed in Okinawa. This was the beginning of Blue Seal’s history. Back in those days, Foremost’s products were valuable commodities, only available inside the base, and rarely encountered by the local people of Okinawa.

Polar Bear

Polar Bear came to be loved under the nickname “Shirokuma”

Almost synonymous with Blue Seal is Polar Bear, a vanilla ice cream sandwich layered between two chocolate cookies. This long-selling product that has been widely enjoyed for the convenience it offers. When the business was launched, Polar Bear was only available in mint, but a vanilla version appeared some time later and eventually became a classic Blue Seal product. Nicknamed “Shirokuma” after the white bear illustration that still appears on the package to this day, the product is much loved, particularly among older Okinawans. More recently, other seasonal flavors have been released for a limited time only, bringing Polar Bear fans and others alike a combination of novelty plus the great flavor that everyone has come to expect.

orange book

The secret to the great taste of Blue Seal ice cream is our original recipes The “orange book” and the melt-in-the-mouth texture of our products

The “orange book” is a treasure trove of over one hundred original recipes, born in America. With these secret recipes as their basis, Blue Seal ice cream was created to be light and refreshing, perfectly suited to the warm and humid climate of Okinawa. Prepared with plant oils, our ice creams have a special melt-in-the-mouth texture that cannot be found elsewhere. We consistently offer over thirty flavors, including both classics and limited-time-only flavors, bringing the pleasures of Okinawan ice cream to a wide range of customers, from locals to tourists alike.

First step as "Ice Cream of Okinawa"

Growing closer to the people of Okinawa

In 1963, Blue Seal moved out of the US base to its new home in Urasoe City, Maki Port (the current location of our main branch) and launched its history as an Okinawan ice cream company. Although ice cream was a rather expensive commodity at the time, many customers came to the shop to enjoy some. In 1976, the company name was changed from Foremost Ltd. to Foremost Blue Seal after the “Blue Seal” title from the Blue Ribbon Prize that is awarded to outstanding dairy products in the USA. After that, our brand became more deeply and widely established in the lives of Okinawan people. (Incidentally, the name of the parent company, Foremost Ltd. USA also comes from the “foremost title” which is given to the highest quality dairy cow to receive the blue ribbon award.) Our brand is now affectionately referred to as Blue Seal by everyone, and is widely loved and supported as an Okinawan ice cream brand.

To the source of all of you

Blue Seal grows beyond Okinawa Prefecture

In 1995, a second store opened in Chatan, an area bustling due to the establishment of the American Village. This was followed with a third branch in 2007 in Toyosaki, Tomigusuku City, which is known for its shopping district, and the opening of other company stores and parlors, all of which set off the trend to expansion beyond the prefecture. Also, in 2004, On Dish, a restaurant that serves Blue Seal ice cream also opened beside the main branch in Maki Port. From local customers to tourists, Blue Seal ice cream can now be enjoyed in various locations, more conveniently than ever before.

Brand Mark

Ice cream to bring a smile to your face

To mark Blue Seal’s 65-year anniversary in 2013, we changed our brand logo with the view to new brand value creation. The new logo still uses the image of the familiar logo and contains elements that communicate brightness, fun, and flavor, while expressing Okinawa’s ocean and breeze, together with a smile. The new logo also communicates the idea that while we may be small, we would like to be loved as an Okinawan ice cream brand for the next hundred or two hundred years. Blue Seal aims to keep bringing a smile to our customer’s faces through the ice cream that we produce.