Use of Okinawan products

Salt cookies

Constant Seller Flavor

A combination of and vanilla ice cream and Okinawan salt cookies—the Okinawan version of vanilla & cookies! Salt from Chatan adds a hint of saltiness that emphasizes the sweetness of the vanilla every so wonderfully. A three-star combination!

Calories (per 100 g)
Milk, Flour, Beef, Soybeans, Pork
  • ※ All our ice creams are handled using the same utensils. Customers with allergy concerns should inform shop staff.
  • ※ Our products are manufactured on equipment that is also used to process products using peanuts, milk, eggs, and flour.

How About Topping?

  • Strawberry Souce

  • Blueberry Souce

  • Caramel Souce

  • Chocolate Souce

  • Chocolate Whipped Souce

  • Whipped Souce

  • M&M's

  • Marshmallow

  • Sliced Almond

  • Chocolate Spray

  • Oreo

  • ※ Our toppings contain seven ingredients that are associated with allergic reactions: milk, flour, soybeans, crab, oranges, gelatin, and almonds.
  • ※ Please be aware that handling varies according to the branch.

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