About the Ice Cream

Tell me about the types of ice cream.

Frozen desserts made out of milk or dairy products containing more than 3.0% of milk solid are called ice cream.
Others differ from ice cream are called ice (shaved ice, sherbet etc.). 
・Ice Cream: contains more than 15.0% milk solid and 8.0% amount of milk 
・Ice Milk : contains more than 10.0% milk solid and 3.0% amount of milk 
・Lacto Ice: contains more than 3.0% milk solid

I forgot to refrigerate the ice cream.

Once an ice cream is left in a normal temperature for a long time, the product may become rotten and moldy. We do not recommend you to eat a frozen ice cream once melted. The texture of ice cream will change.

Handling Dry Ice

When ordering online, please take your product out of the foam container as soon as it arrives and store it in your freezer (18°C below zero.)

We ship our products in foam containers with dry ice, but please be careful in its handling.

Handling Dry Ice


When you eat the ice cream, it may in rare cases taste tingly, but this is because the dry ice itself is solidified carbon dioxide, so the vaporized carbon dioxide was absorbed in the ice cream.It will evaporate by itself after a while.

Please tell me the best-before date.

What is the storage temperature? 18°C below zero. In this temperature, the bacteria may lessen but not multiply, and the quality hardly changes even when stored for a long time. Also, when ice cream melts, its form changes and does not revert, so if it looks clean, then it should taste good. For these reasons, we do not display a best-before date. (Japan Ice Cream Association)